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name The majority of meningioma brain tumors are benign - the word benign is misleading in this case as, when benign tumors grow and constrict the brain, they can cause disability and even be life threatening if not treated.Read the rest of my meningioma brain tumour story or for more information on Brain Tumors symptoms simply follow my blog

Meningioma Brain Tumor –Surviving The Operation|Meningioma Brain Tumor Symptoms Call For Surgery|Bra

17th June 2011
A meningioma brain tumor I ask? How the heck did that happen? How big is it? Why have I got it? Is surgery my best option? Okay, then let’s do it! I re-enter the conscious world to hospital hustle and bustle after 5 hours of surgery, where I am aware of p... Read >

Meningioma Brain Tumor - Eviction Day!

17th June 2011
Meningioma brain tumour - Be Gone! The alarm sounds at 7am and I am out of bed as bright as a button. It is another beautiful day in paradise and the temperatures are already in the low 20’s. I make a cup of tea and wash my shoulder length hair. The thoug... Read >